Nintendo unveils Switch release date, price, launch line-up

The Nintendo Switch will be released March 3 worldwide for $299, Nintendo announced today during a press briefing in Tokyo.

Nintendo will sell the Switch for 29,980 yen in Japan. In Europe, the price will vary by retailer. The Switch will be available in two configurations: one with gray Joy-Con controllers, and the other with neon red and blue Joy-Con devices. Otherwise, the hardware will be the same: 32 GB of internal storage with a 720p touchscreen.

I’m somewhat curious about the hardware, somewhat interested in the new Zelda they showed off, but I’m appalled at the pricing in Europe (you’ll be plonking down around €400 for the console and a game), and disappointed in the weak launch line-up and pretty meagre collection of games they showed off for the coming year.

The Mario and Zelda franchises have basically become like Call of Duty – every year, we get pots, remakes, of a new game with a few new mechanics, and that’s it. There’s nothing wrong with that – if people enjoy them, they enjoy them, and that’s great – but I feel like Nintendo could be doing so much more than this.


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