Sailfish OS 2.1.0 released

This update, 2.1.0 alias Iijoki brings major architectural changes to Sailfish OS by introducing Qt 5.6 UI framework, Bluez5 Bluetooth protocol (ready to be deployed for development purposes), basics for the 64-bit architecture and text selection in browser. Included is also a beta level implementation for Virtual Private Networks (VPN) (please read release notes) and the first version of QML live coding support. In addition, 2.1.0 adds bigger fonts to the UI, improves the use of camera and fixes a number of errors, many of which were reported by our developer community.

Maybe I’ll get around to updating my Jolla phone and tablet at some point, but I really don’t see a reason why. Since I reviewed Sailfish OS and the Jolla phone more than three years ago, nothing has been done to address the elephant in the room. The operating system itself was quite stable, good-looking and full-featured from the beginning, and that has only improved with the constant stream of updates and refinements. However, the application situation is still incredibly dire, and we’re all still using the same few applications – updated only very infrequently – that we were using three years ago. Several have even died out.

Instead of investing in attracting developers to write Sailfish applications (the three year old promises of support for paid applications still hasn’t been fulfilled, for instance), the company got distracted with crazy projects like the tablet, and investing heavily in making Android applications ‘run’ on Sailfish. While Android applications do ‘run’, it’s still a slow, frustrating, and utterly jarring experience that’s a complete and utter waste of resources. Had they spent even half the effort spent on Android application compatibility on attracting native developers, the platform would be in a far better state.

Jolla proclaimed they wanted to take over the world, but in doing so, lost touch with the very people they should’ve continued to focus on: open source/Linux-oriented enthusiasts, former Maemo/N900 users. Not a large group of people, of course, but definitely a big enough – and, more importantly, loyal enough! – group of people to sustain a small, community-focused company.


Jolla’s CEO Sami Pienimäki penned a letter to the community about upcoming developments for the company. There’s some stuff in there about Russia and tablet refunds.


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