The Power Mac G4 Line

The tower form factor may be a thing of the past, at least until the new Mac Pro shows up next year, but for years, if you needed the most powerful and flexible machine money could buy, the Power Mac was the only way to go.

For almost five years, the heart of the Power Mac was the PowerPC G4 chip. Starting in 1999 it clocked at just 350 MHz, but by the time the Power Mac G4 line was retired, a tower with dual 1.42 GHz CPUs could be ordered. In that time frame, things like Gigabit Ethernet, SuperDrives, and Wi-Fi became mainstream.

I have a soft spot for all Macs from the PowerPC G4 era – back when Apple wasn’t boring – and the various models of Power Mac G4 aren’t exceptions. I can’t really explain why I find PowerPC G4 Macs so appealing, even to this day – all I know is that I am dead-set on collecting a number of them, especially those I couldn’t ever afford when they were new.


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