Hackintosh before hackintosh: when Mac fans skinned Windows

There’s something about the macOS operating system that kind of drives people wild. (Heck, even the original Mac OS has its strong partisans.) In the 17 years since Apple first launched the first iteration of the operating system based on its Darwin Unix variant, something fairly curious started to happen: People without Macs suddenly wanted the operating system, if not the hardware it ran on. This phenomenon is somewhat common today – I personally just set up a Hackintosh of my own recently – but I’d like to highlight a different kind of “Hackintosh”, the kind that played dress-up with Windows. Today’s Tedium talks about the phenomenon of Mac skinning, specifically on Windows. Hide your computer’s true colors under the hood.

I used to do this back in the early 2000s (goodness, I’ve been here way too long!). It was a fun thing to do, since you could never make it quite good enough – there was always something to improve. Good times.


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