How do iOS Screen Time and Android Digital Wellbeing stack up?

Developer conference season is coming to an end with Apple’s WWDC this week, and the main takeaway is that between Google’s “Digital Wellbeing” and Apple’s “Screen Time”, the two biggest smartphone developers are taking some time to discourage smartphone overuse.

On the surface, the two companies are taking very similar approaches with the tools they’re offering to present information to users. Apple and Google are both adding new dashboards, with options for more zoomed-out perspectives on how you’re spending your time, along with more granular views of how often you’re using individual apps – down to the minute. There’s data on how many notifications you’ve received, where they’re coming from, and breakdowns of when you’re actually on your phone.

I like these features. I don’t really need them – I don’t even use my phone all that much – but I do like that they give me insight into how long I use certain applications, how often I pick up my phone, and so on. Neat data to have.


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