Windows NT and VMS: the rest of the story

This is an article written 20 years ago by Mark Russinovich, which compares VMS and Windows NT.

When Microsoft released the first version of Windows NT in April 1993, the company’s marketing and public relations campaign heavily emphasized the NT (i.e., New Technology) in the operating system’s (OS’s) name. Microsoft promoted NT as a cutting-edge OS that included all the features users expected in an OS for workstations and small to midsized servers. Although NT was a new OS in 1993, with a new API (i.e., Win32) and new user and systems-management tools, the roots of NT’s core architecture and implementation extend back to the mid-1970s.

And now… The rest of the story: I’ll take you on a short tour of NT’s lineage, which leads back to Digital and its VMS OS. Most of NT’s lead developers, including VMS’s chief architect, came from Digital, and their background heavily influenced NT’s development. After I talk about NT’s roots, I’ll discuss the more-than-coincidental similarities between NT and VMS, and how Digital reacted to NT’s release.

Great read.


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