‘Machina’ brings support for running Linux on top of Fuchsia

One of the greatest struggles of creating an entirely new OS, especially today, is the chicken-and-egg problem. Without good apps, why would consumers buy a product? And conversely, with no consumers, why would developers make apps?

We’ve looked, time and time again, at the possibility of Fuchsia getting Android compatibility, but what if it didn’t stop there? If Fuchsia is to be a full-fledged laptop/desktop OS, shouldn’t it also have some compatibility with apps for a traditional OS?

This is where the ‘Guest’ app becomes relevant. Guest allows you to boot up a virtual OS, inside of Fuchsia. Officially, Guest supports Zircon (Fuchsia) and Linux-based OSes (including Debian), but there’s also evidence that suggests it’s being tested to work with Chrome OS. At the time of writing, I’ve only been able to successfully test Guest with a simple version of Linux.

Fuchsia is clearly so much more than just a research operating system. There’s also a slightly older article from a few months ago looking at the various layers that make up Fuchsia, as well as various other articles about Google’s new operating system.


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