Google invests $22 million in KaiOS

KaiOS Technologies Inc., developer of the emerging operating system for smart feature phones, KaiOS, today announced a $22M Series A investment from Google to help bring the internet to the next generation of users.


In addition to the investment, Google and KaiOS have also agreed to work together to make the Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Search available to KaiOS users. These apps have been developed specifically for the KaiOS platform, which is entirely web-based, using open standards such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

You’re probably not aware of KaiOS, since it only runs on feature phones most of us don’t use. KaiOS is a fork of FirefoxOS, and is actually quite popular – it’s already on 40 million feature phones, including various Nokia phones. Google’s investment makes sense here, and ensures its services are available on these devices. I’m still contemplating buying the 8110 (in yellow, of course) to get acquainted with KaiOS.


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