Despite being shunned in the US, Huawei flourishes in Europe

When major smartphone manufacturers talk about growth, they generally target three different markets: China, which is the biggest; the United States, which is highly influential and profitable; and the rest. India will soon rise from the latter pile, but until it does, Europe might be the most interesting battleground for the respective companies dominating the US and Chinese spheres. Until very recently, Western Europe looked a lot like the United States, with Samsung commanding more than a third of the market, Apple in a close second spot, and minnows picking up the scraps. But IDC’s latest data, as provided to The Verge, shows China’s Huawei enjoying a meteoric rise since the start of 2017. Yes, the same Huawei that the US government advises its citizens to avoid.

Huawei is marketing quite aggressively over here, but I still haven’t seen any of their phones in the wild. It’s exclusively Samsung and Apple, so far.


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