BattleStar Galactica, Star Trek X and Episode II

The weekend is ahead and the day of relaxing from coding furiously all week, should also be near. Given that most OS coders love sci-fi, here are some sci-fi movie and TV news: One of the most highly anticipated new sci-fi series, a revival of 70s cult classic Battlestar Galactica, has been shelved after director Bryan Singer jumped ship to direct ‘X-Men 2’.Created by Glenn A. Larson, the original Battlestar Galactica ran for 22 episodes between 1978-1979. The series was eventually cancelled because of high production costs – each episode cost $1 million to make, an astronomical figure for the day. A short-lived series entitled Galactica: 1980 followed, but was universally panned and cancelled after six episodes. Richard Hatch (Apollo in the series) and are trying to save the series with petitions and by asking fans write letters to Fox.

In the meantime, Star Trek X (codenamed ‘Nemesis’), the 10th Star Trek movie and the 4th revolving around the Next Generation crew, is slated to be starting shooting in a few weeks. The story will introduce a resolution between the Federation and the long standing enemies (allies only for a short time in the DeepSpace9’s Dominion Wars), the Romulans. More news about Trek X (and full spoilers) can be found on archives.

In the meantime, the long awaited Star Wars EpisodeII, which it will be released in May, it has a new promo video available to view in a QuickTime format.


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