Warp3D for AmigaDE Enabled Devices

Hyperion Entertainment announced it has finalised an initial AmigaDE version of its ‘Warp3D’ technology. At only 56 KB it is well suited for low-end devices like PDA’s, web-tablets and 3G phones. Apex Designs is the first to announce the porting of a popular 3D Amiga game Payback to the AmigaDE. The initial AmigaDE version will not use Warp3D technology however. Have a look at these these screenshots for some of the PDA/cellphone targetted AmigaDE software currently available from the AmigaDE shop. More information and screenshots inside.AmigaDE player v1.0 for Windows
The Amiga Digital Environment is a small footprint platform independent multimedia layer/OS, which can host itself on top of many different operating systems including Embedded Linux, PocketPC, EPOC, Palm, Neutrino and many other operating systems. Currently there are only AmigaDE players available for Linux and Windows desktop platforms, upon which Amiga software runs binary identical. There are now 19 PDA/cellphone targetted Amiga software titles available, but many more are soon to come, like for instance a Casino game by some great computer graphics and animation talents. The first market being targetted by Amiga Inc is the PDA/cellphone market, although for instance Tao`s real time 64-bit operating system will also be powering Settop boxes like Infomedia‘s TVision and a huge varierty of other devices.

The player running one of the included freeware Java games
Also coming back on my previous article at OSNews, I have to inform you that the first to be held Amiga.org-organised AmigaDE demo competition had to be cancelled due to hackers penetrating and destroying important parts of Amiga.org, restoring Amiga.org had priority. Although it was heart warming to see, how Amigans donated over one thousand dollars together to the non-profit Amiga.org website crew as a sign of support in a matter of days. Such facts distinguishes the Amiga community from others and is among the most important reasons why the Amiga community is still alive today. Regardless the first 4K AmigaDE demo has been released at a Demo party, read this interview with Tomas Jacobsen for more information. This demo and many other open source programs can de found at the AmigaDev.net website.

About the Author:
Mike Bouma is a long time Amiga user and developer, well known member of the Amiga community, member of the ‘Phoenix Developer Consortium’, and owner of the ‘AmigaRing’. He can be reached via email on [email protected].


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