Linux at Work with Ximian

Ximian, Inc., an open source software company, not only announced the 1.0 release of their Evolution e-mail client, but also the availability of Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange. Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange will finally allow users to connect to their business’ Exchange servers from their Linux workstations. Update by ELQ: An interesting editorial regarding Ximian’s flirt with Exchange can be found at the LinuxPlanet.With Ximian’s suite that now includes Evolution, Red Carpet software manager, a customized version of GNOME, and their own Desktop, Ximian has made great strides in bringing Linux to the desktop, not as an alternative, but as a primary OS. Ximian software runs on “broad range of leading Linux distributions and UNIX variants, including Solaris, Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, Debian, Yellow Dog, and Turbolinux.

Author’s note: “After installing Red Carpet on my Red Hat workstation, updating and installing new programs on Linux became even easier than installing software on Windows with .exe files. There’s simply no denying that this software goes a long way towards making Linux a viable standalone product.” — Adam Scheinberg


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