Media Player PowerToys, MSN Messanger, Explorer 8 and More

Microsoft released a number of free entertainment enhancements to its Windows XP operating system today. Called Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP, the free download includes tools for the OS’ built-in media player. The download includes new visualizations and skins, playlist-to-spreadsheet export utility, and extra tools for amateur moviemakers. In the meantime, ActiveWin reports that MSN Explorer 8 has just passed the “M0” milestone and it is in closed beta. The aim for a release is for late spring/early summer 2002. This will be the first major release since the original release in 2000. There is work on integrating “natural language” instrumentation, meaning “speaking” or ordering MSN Explorer to do this task or that task. Also, Microsoft has released a new version 4.6.0071 of MSN Messenger. Features inlcude improved support for computer-to-phone calls, more flexibility in resizing the conversation window, Add-ins available, banner ads (If you download the Add-in).Microsoft released today the Windows Media Player Bonus Pack dedicated to be used only with its latest operating system Windows XP. The Media Bonus Pack for WindowsXP includes:

  • Plus! MP3 Audio Converter LE: Sample a feature of Plus! for Windows XP and double the amount of music you can store on your PC by converting your MP3 files quickly and easily to Windows Media Audio (WMA). Get Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP to unlock all the great features and take Windows XP to the next level.

  • Windows Media Player for Windows XP PowerToys: Includes a dozen new and updated Windows Media Player for Windows XP PowerToys, designed to give you more control of your music with the MPXP Tray Control, Playlist Import to Excel utility, Media Library Metadata Update Wizard and much more.

  • Windows Media Player for Windows XP Visualizations: Experience over a half dozen new Windows Media Player for Windows XP visualizations that move to your music such as MSN Photos picture viewer, Fireplace, Dungeon Siege, and Trilogy.

  • Windows Media Player Skins: Express yourself and customize Windows Media Player with these new skins including Stars and Stripes, Anime, and the TDK Mixmaster designed by

  • Windows Movie Maker Creativity Kit: Enhance your home videos and unleash your creativity with this expansive collection of sound effects, music loops, clips, title videos and images. Whatever the occasion, there’s something here for you! Sounds and Music provided by major motion picture sound studio,, the first and largest online sound effects library.

  • Special Offers: Get free major motion picture movies and/or special offers from services such as Intertainer, CinemaNow, and IFILM.


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