Is the LCD iMac Really an… iPad or… iWalk?

Microsoft is trying to push the idea of the Tablet PC in the last few months but sources say that their product won’t be ready for another year, while Apple may already have a tablet product already in the works. There are a lot of rumors flying around recently regarding next week’s MacWorld, but these rumors are mostly about a possible iMac upgrade with an LCD display. Imagination among the Macintosh fans fly though, some even say that this is the reason (more illustrated/rendered screenshots 2, 3 and 4) as to why Apple writes to their web site “Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond.”. Others, say that the “secret” device that Apple is hiding is actually called iWalk and it is a PDA. In any case, we will know for sure on Monday. Our Take: Personally, all I want to see (and buy) is a iMac G4 600 Mhz with a DVD/CD-RW combo drive and an ATi Radeon VE 32MB, all for $999 USD…


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