Sun Announces More Than 300,000 Solaris 9-x86 Registered Licenses

On the heels of its landmark Sun Java Enterprise System announcements, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced more than 300,000 registered licenses of the Solaris 9 Operating System (x86 Platform Edition). This volume attests to a surge in customer demand for the secure, reliable and highly performant Solaris OS on a variety of x86 systems, setting the foundation for continued growth and interest in Sun’s Java Enterprise System. Read more for the rest of the press release.

GetMore Securities, Gracenote, Maya Online, the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical
Research and Tellme Networks, Inc. are among a growing list of customers and
partners from key industries such as telecommunications, entertainment and
finance who are already taking advantage of the feature-rich Solaris OS x86

Customer value will continue to increase with the recently announced Java
Enterprise System. The Java Enterprise System will offer users an integrated
Web services stack with bundled consulting and support services — all for
$100/employee/year, at unlimited scale for internal and external deployed
applications. Sun’s Solaris OS, available on Sun x86 and SPARC(TM) systems
and more than 160 third-party x86 platforms, is at the heart of the Java
Enterprise System. With the Java Enterprise System and the Solaris OS x86
platform, Sun is providing one of the most affordable, reliable and secure
software infrastructures in the industry.

Superior Performance
“With the Solaris OS x86 platform, GetMore Securities enhanced Home
Trading System performance by more than 3X by migrating from NT to the
OS x86 platform,” said Chongmo Kim, IT Manager, GetMore Securities, a
of online stock exchange systems. “By utilizing the Solaris OS x86
we not only benefit from the associated cost benefits, but also from
system reliability and scalability, helping us to quickly respond to
requests and increase our overall level of service.”

Sun’s investments in the Solaris OS for x86 platforms include projects
that aggressively leverage x86 extended instruction sets and architectures
to rapidly drive performance advances.

“Customers are finding real value in the security, performance and
stability of Solaris OS x86 platform. And with the Java Enterprise System
users can further extend their value by taking advantage of the integrated
software components on x86 hardware — provided by Sun, or our OEMs and
partners,” said Ann Wettersten, vice president, systems software product
marketing, Sun Microsystems. “The recent increase in demand — including
ISV adoption, increased hardware support and channel partners — demonstrates
that customers from key industries such as telecommunications and financial
services are benefiting from Solaris x86 platform cost savings today.
Whether it is operating systems, network identity services, portals, communications
and collaboration, security, availability or Java Web services, Sun is
committed to driving out cost while increasing value to our customers and

“By utilizing the Solaris OS x86 platform, we were able to take
advantage of the Solaris OS threading library, enabling Gracenote to provide improved
performance on Intel-based hardware,” said Matthew Leeds, VP Operations,
Gracenote, a provider of information services for digital music and media.
“This performance gain directly benefits developers at music companies like
Sony and Real Networks, allowing them to provide customers with faster, more
reliable service.”

The #1 UNIX(R) on x86 hardware systems
Organizations with expertise in the Solaris OS can leverage familiar
tools and their UNIX experience to bring the Solaris OS to their x86-based

“Our staff levels are considerably lower than those of a typical
commercial environment. Anything we can do to reduce the cost, training and
work required to establish our research infrastructure is critical to the
overall success of the project,” said Gerry Vest, Systems Administrator for
Department of Genetics, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research.
“Because we were already familiar with Sun’s Solaris OS, the Solaris
(x86 Platform Edition) allowed us to minimize training, which enabled us to
get a large research project up and running with minimal time and staff.
Using the Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition) we were also able to save money
using commodity servers.”

Reliability and High Availability
Businesses can’t afford unplanned downtime, especially in today’s
service-oriented economy. The Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition) helps
companies achieve higher levels of system availability — allowing them to
pass these benefits directly to customers.
“System stability is definitely our critical success factor. In the
past, online game companies often developed their products on NT platform, which
created a problem of system instability and complicated administration,”
said Huang Chi-cheng, COO of Maya Online. “Maya Online is the first online game
company in Taiwan to develop its product on a Solaris platform. During the
process, we were very excited to see the advantages of high stability,
cross-platform operation and workload balance.”

Increased Efficiencies
The Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition) helps improve scalability and
performance of applications, providing users with increased efficiencies.
“Tellme runs Solaris OS x86 on our customized, high-density rackmount
servers. Solaris x86 helps us to ensure optimal hardware utilization,
essential in serving the needs of our Fortune 500 clients,” said
Jonathan DiOrio, Director of Business Development at Tellme Networks, Inc.,
the world’s largest and most commercially proven Voice Application Network

Security and Protection
On top of the built-in security of the Solaris OS, Trusted Solaris(TM)
the only enterprise-class operating system that provides the highest level
assurance compared to any other operating system in the market.

Broad Hardware Support
In addition to enterprise-class features, customers can also take
advantage of broad hardware support for the Solaris OS x86 Platform Edition.
Currently, the Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition) is available on Sun
and on more than 160 third-party systems.

Competitive Pricing
“What customers really want is to lower costs — but not at the expense
performance and security. Sun’s Solaris OS x86 is an attractive alternative
to Windows,” said Alban Richard, director, Solaris x86 marketing,
Sun Microsystems. “In a typical workgroup or Web infrastructure
the Solaris OS x86 can deliver up to 13 times lower acquisition costs over
Microsoft Windows 2003.”


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