Microsoft Device to Bridge TV, PC

“Microsoft will demonstrate on Monday a tablet-shaped device that will serve as a bridge between the TV, the PC and the company’s .Net services, according to sources familiar with the plans. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates will show off the device, known as Mira, during his eHome presentation Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The device is effectively a cross between a Pocket PC-based handheld computer and a TV remote control. […] Mira will be a wireless handheld device and contain a sizeable screen. In conjunction with a TV or a PC, Mira will deliver Internet content, serve as a portable game player in conjunction with Microsoft’s Xbox video game console, and allow consumers to shop online, see program listings and perform other tasks.” The story is at C|Net-News and the funny thing is that the demonstration will take place the time that Steve Jobs will be delivering his highly expected keynote at MacWorld on Monday and will be uncovering the new Apple “secret weapon”. Is Microsoft trying to minimize the potential surprise Apple is preparing? Is Apple’s secret weapon also a tablet Mac? We will know for sure on Monday.


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