Longtime (old) QNX User Stories

“Since qnxZone was [recently] launched, I have been thinking that the stories of some of the long time QNX users may be of interest to the community. As one of the longer time (older) users, I figured I would start it off. Now this story starts in 1986, but in order for it to make more sense, you have to go back to the late ’70s when I was in high school. I went to high school with Dan Hildebrand, who went on to become a significant player in the QNX community. We went to school in Winnipeg, but after high school I joined the Canadian Military and took off for other parts of the country. I lost touch with Dan other than the occasional contact when I was back in Winnipeg visiting family and such. By 1986 I was stationed in Victoria, BC, going to university under a program in the military.” Read the rest of the story at QNXZone.


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