Linux Virtual Machines For All

“[…]”The Heist.” A panicking manager type leads police detectives into what appears to be an empty server room. “It’s the crime of the century!” the balding, middle-aged, middle manger exclaims over cheesy adventure-movie background music. “Everything’s gone!” “What was stolen?” asks one of the cops. “Everything,” the pointy-haired boss answers, “payroll, R&D, customer records …” Of course, our hero, a scruffy-looking geek boy, saves the day. He points to a mainframe in the back of the room, and says, “We moved everything onto that one. It’s going to save us a bundle. I sent out an email … ” The music swells, and the announcer says something about IBM servers running Linux saving you a bundle. What the commercial doesn’t tell you is that the spendy IBM server in the commercial is running multiple copies of Linux at one time as virtual machines.” Read the rest of the interesting article regarding virtualization at NewsForge.