Firebird V1.5 RC-8; SAP/DB2 on Sun Cluster 3.X

Firebird 1.5 Linux CS RC8 released. This RC has many small enhancements in install procedure made by Mark O’Donohue and it should install more “smoothly”. Additionally, this is the first RC built with external debug info which
you can download separately.Download from here. Also Firebird 1.5 RC8 Source Code is now available for download as a (.tar.bz2). Roman Rokytskyy announces the availability of the JayBird V1.5 Beta 1 release (Firebird Class 4 JCA-JDBC Driver).

Elsewhere, the SAP Web Application Server support high availability through the technique called switchover. The installation, configuration, and testing procedures are documented to provide readers with step-by-step guidelines in building an overall highly-available system with DB2 and SAP. There’s an intro, and resource page, which contains links to related whitepapers and websites. Or you can go directly to the PDF that describes the integration of DB2 Universal Database, SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.70, and Sun Cluster 3.1 on the Solaris 9 environment.


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