ArtWork Source Code Troubles KDE’s 3.2 Release

In the dawn of the news that well known artist Everaldo, of CrystalSVG fame, now works for, a long discussion has started on kde-core-devel because Everaldo hasn’t released the source code of some of the SVG icons that was supposed to be shipped with KDE 3.2. Update:’s Kevin Carmony (President & COO) responds.SuSE (ex-employer for Everaldo) said that an Adobe Illustrator plugin used, gets in the way of releasing the source code because converting 400 icons to pure SVG is a lot of work, plus Everaldo now works for This situation may apparrently put upcoming the release of KDE in limbo if won’t give the go-ahead to Everaldo to spend some extra time to clear up the issue.

It is likely that would be forthcoming to help resolve the situation (they had nothing to do with it in the first place) as they seem to have started supporting KDE in various ways lately, including giving free LindowsOS copies to KDE developers and becoming sponsors of the newly created site.

This might be a good way for to indemnify themselves in the eyes of the open source community following the bad PR they had for the past year or so. SuSE still remains a supporter of KDE and MandrakeSoft too, but their contributions seem to have scaled down lately: the financial troubles of MandrakeSoft (forcing them to not contribute as much code as they used to) and after the SuSE buyout of the now Ximian-running Novell (the two Ximian founders are now executives in Novell) leaves a number of questionmarks. No other distro is actively contributing money or code to KDE and so the effort to support KDE should be perceived as welcomed by many.


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