Athene 3.3 Released

Rocklyte Systems has made Athene 3.3 available with a number of new features including an updated file manager, music player, and find files program. There are 11 updated and new UI gadgets, improved multi-lingual support and a revised SDK. The graphics performance has improved further since 3.2 by using XDGA to give a 25% performance boost when in X11 full-screen mode. Read more for the changelog and screenshots.


Change Log

  • Enhancements to the File Manager now mean that it supports toolbars, dialog boxes, menu and view options. Cut and paste file operations are now supported and column viewing mode is now used by default.
  • Updated the Find Files program to support a new toolbar, directory browse button and auto-refresh for scanned files.
  • Rewrote the Mini Player for improved music playback, now includes support for all the basic player options and a play-list manager.
  • Bitmap fonts are now cached to prevent re-loading.
  • [X11] The mouse wheel is now supported correctly.
  • [X11] Implemented new DGA rendering for optimum graphics throughput in X11 – about 25% faster than earlier methods. This feature is enabled only in full-screen mode.
  • [Linux] The root: assignment has been replaced with a complete list of discovered hard drives that have been found on your system.
  • [Linux] Athene now sets up its home directory in the Linux user’s home directory rather than its own directory tree.
  • New DML classes: Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, Dialog, FileDialog, Input, ScrollBar, TabFocus, ToolBar, View, Window
  • API calls are now possible from DML.
  • The default date format for files can now be set in the System Options area.
  • Translation support for foreign languages has been added for scripts and menus.
  • Fixed gradient drawing in 16 bit graphics mode.
  • Personal shortcuts can now be created from the File Manager by clicking the Create Directory button when at the root view.
  • The image quality for resized icons has been improved significantly.
  • The AltGr key now works correctly. Support for Shift + AltGr has also been added so that up to four characters per key can be supported.
  • Added Russian and United Kingdom keymaps. Fixed errors in Estonian and Spanish keymaps.
  • Screenshots are now saved to the file “user:screenshot.png” and not “pictures:screenshot.png”
  • QikInstall now supports a browse button next to directory input boxes.
  • Added an ‘Are you sure?’ dialog to the Uninstall application.
  • [Win32] Fixed a file-handle bug that prevented files and directories from being returned to the system after use.


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