Indigo, Avalon GUI, .NET Coding Articles

Some interesting Longhorn and .NET articles for developers appeared on MSDN:Introducing the New Avalon Graphics Model“: Introduces the new Avalon rendering and composition technology, and provides details about the new programming model that allows user interfaces to be defined declaratively. More info here and here.

Drawing Rubber-Band Lines Using the .NET Framework“: Dr. GUI describes how to draw rubber-band lines using the .NET Framework. Related drawing article here.

Coding Best Practices Using DateTime in the .NET Framework“: Writing programs that store, perform calculations, and serialize time values using the DateTime type in the Microsoft .NET Framework requires an awareness of the different issues associated with time representations available in Windows and .NET. This article focuses on key testing and development scenarios involving time and defines the best practice recommendations for writing programs that use the DateTime type in Microsoft .NET-based applications and assemblies.

Indigo TV Show“: “Indigo” is the codename for a set of .NET technologies that enable applications to communicate with each other using secure, reliable, transacted messaging. In this episode of the .NET Show John Shewchuk discusses how “Indigo” applies to the architecture of the applications you are designing today, and how it will become a core component of the applications you are planning on developing for Longhorn. Steve Swartz then walks us through some code examples to illustrate the programming model for “Indigo”, and how easy it is to add support for its various features into your applications.


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