Novell: VPN for Macs, iFolder, Linux Certification, Migration

Lots of Novell news today, Linux certification, migration to Linux desktops, iFolder release as GPL and a VPN solution for Macs. Read more for the details.Move over MCSEs, Novell is offering a new Linux certification, CLE, for its partners.

In the 1990s, Microsoft defeated Novell in the market for server operating systems. Now Novell is taking the battle back to Redmond, Wash., launching an attack on Microsoft’s desktop stronghold. eWEEK has an article about NetWare too.

Novell’s installed base represents a large, loyal group of customers for Novell — prime prospects to deploy SuSE Linux alongside their NetWare systems,said Al Gillen, research director of System Software at IDC. “By introducing Open Enterprise Server, Novell is converging its licensing strategy used with NetWare to cover both of its operating systems in a seamless, customer-friendly manner.”

Also, Novell has just released iFolder as GPL. iFolder is a file sharing solution for workgroup environments. The project is built on the mono/.Net framework to integrate seamlessly into existing desktop environments. Currently the project consists of the following components:
iFolder: integrated file sharing in the GNOME, Windows, and OS X desktops.
AddressBook: vCard 3.0 compliant address book supporting private, public, and shared address books.
Simias: a general purpose object repository that provides a foundation for building collaborative solutions.

Additionally, Novell and equinux team up to provide VPN connectivity for the Mac market.


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