John Carmack: Don’t Buy a GeForce4-MX for Doom 3

Not directly operating system news, but nevertheless, interesting news for all us geeks. So, Carmack says that GeForce4-MX is not a good buy for Doom3: “Nvidia has really made a mess of the naming conventions here. I always thought it was bad enough that GF2 was just a speed bumped GF1, while GF3 had significant architectural improvements over GF2. I expected GF4 to be the speed bumped GF3, but calling the NV17 GF4-MX really sucks. GF4-MX will still run Doom properly, but it will be using the NV10 codepath with only two texture units and no vertex shaders. A GF3 or 8500 will be much better performers. The GF4-MX may still be the card of choice for many people depending on pricing, especially considering that many games won’t use four textures and vertex programs, but damn, I wish they had named it something else.As Tom’s Hardware also noted, GeForce4-MX is nothing but a bumped up GeForce2-MX, and it bears almost no resemblance, feature-wise & architecture-wise, of the real GeForce4 series of cards (which are more expensive). It should have been called something like GeForce2-MX-Turbo or equivelant, but definetely not a GeForce4-MX.

This naming convention by nVidia will probably leave many costumers unhappy thinking that they bought something truly fast to play the latest games, while in reality, this won’t be the case. Also, future games or demos that will be built to rely on the GeForce4-specific hardware, most probably won’t be able to run on the GeForce4-MX because it does not carry the features found on a real GeForce4.


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