froglogic Releases Automated GUI Test Tool Squish 1.1

froglogic today announced the availability of Squish 1.1, the new version of the automated GUI testing framework for Qt applications.The main new features of Squish 1.1 are:

  • Python support: Squish has been designed to support multiple
    scripting languages from day one. In Squish 1.0, support for Tcl was
    implemented. In Squish 1.1, test scripts can also be written and
    recorded in the very popular Python scripting language.

  • Squish Spy: This new tool allows Squish to hook up to a running
    application to inspect its objects properties and methods by either
    clicking on objects in the application or by navigating the object
    tree view. The already existing hook-up mechanism of Squish is used,
    meaning the Squish Spy is also non-intrusive and doesn’t require any
    modifications to the application to work.

  • Test script debugger: Instead of just executing a test case, it can
    be executed in the debugger now as well. This way break points can be
    set, and the user can step through test scripts. This opens up many
    possibilities for the future like allowing to execute a test until a
    break point and recording from there.

  • Automatic insertion of test verification points: The combination
    of the Squish Spy and the debugger are the foundation of this new
    feature. By halting the test script at a specified point and choosing
    objects and properties in the running application, it is possible to
    insert test verification points into the test script via the Squish
    IDE without having to write the code manually.

“I am impressed with Squish. After I saw it, I set the other
options aside and recommended that my client buy Squish. I especially
like the fact that Squish uses existing scripting languages, rather
than requiring the user to learn a proprietary language. The folks at
froglogic are knowledgeable both about Qt and the state of the art in
test automation, a rare combination. They provided excellent support,
even from many time zones away. I’m looking forward to finding more
opportunities to use Squish!” said Danny R. Faught, Proprietor of
Tejas Software Consulting.

Other smaller improvements include:

  • Basic ActiveX support: It is possible to send key and mouse events
    to ActiveX components embedded in Qt applications via ActiveQt.

  • Better control over the squishserver
  • Additional event compression heuristics have been implemented
  • Usability improvements in the Squish IDE
  • Support for 64 bit and FreeBSD platforms
  • All test result logs contain file and line number information
  • Better error messages

Squish customers and evaluators can now find Squish 1.1 packages in
their download area. For more information about Squish and
its price and licensing, visit If
you would like to evaluate or buy Squish, please contact us
at [email protected].


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