Microsoft Unveils New Operating System for Mobile Phones

“Microsoft on Tuesday announced several new efforts to bring wireless capabilities to devices using its operating systems. Among them is its Phone Edition application, which will help handheld owners access data and make voice calls. The software runs on the Pocket PC 2002 operating system and will be used with Hewlett-Packard’s Jornada 928 Wireless Digital Assistant, which the PC maker is also expected to announce Tuesday. Microsoft also revealed plans to work with Intel as well as Texas Instruments to develop reference designs for phones that will run its Windows Powered Smartphone 2002 operating system. A reference design is basically a blueprint for a technical system that lets different manufacturers build essentially the same device. This process will help wireless phone manufacturers get products to market faster.” Read the rest of the article at C|Net and check some screenshots of the SmartPhone operating system running on a Texas Instrument mobile phone.


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