libjit, a Free Software JIT library

Rhys Weatherley has taken a month’s sabbatical from pnet and during this time he created a new project under the DotGNU umbrella, libjit. This library implements Just-In-Time compilation functionality. Unlike other
JIT’s, this one is designed to be independent of any particular virtual machine bytecode format or language.The hope is that Free Software projects can get a leg-up on proprietary VM vendors by using this library
rather than spending large amounts of time writing their own JIT from

This JIT is also designed to be portable to multiple architectures. If you
run libjit on a machine for which a native code generator is not yet
available, then libjit will fall back to interpreting the code. This way,
you don’t need to write your own interpreter for your bytecode format if
you don’t want to.

libjit is independent of pnet (that’s one of the main points!) but we’ll
eventually modify pnet to use it for JIT’ing.

In the newly released version 0.0.0f, tutorials 1 to 4 now work correctly
using the interpreted back end, which should allow people to experiment with
real examples now. The x86 and ARM native code generator back-ends should
follow in the next few days.

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