Xandros Serves as Foundation for ION Linux Laptops

Xandros today announced that the Xandros Desktop operating system serves as the core framework for the new line of ION laptops from Element Computer. Element customized the Xandros Desktop OS with their ION Parchment icon theme, the new Mozilla Firefox browser, and “Unbreakable Upgrade” support to bring an Apple-like customer experience and Windows compatibility to mobile Linux computing.

“After testing, trying, and working with the top Linux products, it became clear that the only way to give our customers the Apple-like
experience we required was to base ION on the Xandros Desktop OS framework,” stated Mike Hjorleiffsson, President of Element Computer.
“Xandros is unique when it comes to network integration and usability features that support Element Computer’s ‘No Windows Policy’.”

“We are delighted to team up with Element Computer to serve as the foundation for their mobile computer solutions,” said Dr. Frederick H.
Berenstein, Xandros Chairman and CTO. “The new ION laptops will become the standard by which others are judged.”

Xandros provides a complete spectrum of innovative Linux desktop solutions for everyone from home and small business users, all the way
up to major enterprise deployments. Xandros products are distinguished by their strong user focus, elegant graphical interfaces, best-of-breed applications, and robust integration with Microsoft Windows and other legacy solutions

For detailed specifications and pricing of the new ION mobile laptops, visit the Element Computer web site at www.elementcomputer.com


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