Interview: Andrea Arcangeli

Andrea Arcangeli is well known for having completely rewritten and stabilized the virtual memory subsystem in the 2.4 Linux kernel. Many were surprised when Linus Torvalds merged Andrea’s VM into 2.4.10, but the new memory subsystem has long since proved itself. Andrea is a 27 year old Linux kernel hacker living in Italy and working for SUSE.In an interview on KernelTrap, Andrea reflects back on his first exposure to Linux, his first contributions to the kernel, and the meaning of the GPL. He describes his VM work in great detail, both that which is in the 2.4 mainline kernel, as well as his object-based reverse mapping work that can be found in his 2.6-aa patchset. He also discusses his plans for the 2.7 development kernel, describes a possible alternative to kernel preemption that could reduce average latency, talks about his non-kernel hobbies, and much more.


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