SciTech Offers Graphics Support for Windows NT 4.0

SciTech Software, Inc. today announced the release of SciTech SNAP Graphics ENT (Enterprise Edition) for Windows NT 4.0. Read more for the rest of the press release.

This release is based on SciTech’s well-proven SNAP (System Neutral Access Protocol) architecture and targets the enterprise user with a host of features designed to extend the lifecycle of Windows NT based systems. SciTech also plans to make this product available through its online driver portal, called My SciTech in a free for non-commercial use version. IT Managers looking to further extend NT 4.0 support throughout their network or simply update support for existing machines can license the fully supported commercial version of the product direct from SciTech.

“Providing support for tier-2 operating systems has long been a hallmark of SciTech, with our leading edge device driver solution we are uniquely positioned to quickly pick up where others have left off and provide time tested solutions”, said Kendall Bennett, CEO/CTO SciTech Software Inc.

SciTech SNAP Graphics for Windows NT is initially focused on providing support for modern high volume chipsets such as Intel’s popular integrated graphics controllers (I845G, I865G, I915G) and ATI’s proven add in cards. Future updates to SciTech SNAP Graphics for Windows NT will include additional support for a much wider variety of old and new graphics hardware, offering a total enterprise level driver management solution.

“We have a long history of putting the needs of our customers ahead of the planning curves of OS vendors”, said Andrew Bloo, Director of Sales and Marketing, SciTech Software Inc. “ We understand that today there are millions of very satisfied Windows NT 4.0 customers who need to stretch their investment in this technology further, and SciTech SNAP Graphics ENT for Windows NT 4.0 will help them do just that.”

For IT Managers, SciTech SNAP Graphics ENT (Enterprise Edition) for Windows NT 4.0 allows for a single device driver solution to be easily deployed across an entire enterprise. This single solution approach means that qualifying an image for deployment now takes less time, requires fewer steps and can be updated much faster. In addition to these powerful enterprise level benefits, SciTech also provides home users with easy access to this powerful technology. With SciTech’s exclusive online build system, registered users can easily configure, build and install certified SciTech SNAP Graphics drivers on their home machines, free of charge for non-commercial use.


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