Xandros PowerTerm Edition Provides Legacy Mainframe Access

Xandros, today announced the release of the Xandros
Desktop Operating System (OS) PowerTerm Edition to provide secure access to mission critical applications running on legacy enterprise systems.By bundling Ericom’s PowerTerm® InterConnect for Linux with the Xandros Desktop OS Business Edition, Linux desktop users can now connect to a wide range of applications running on IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400,
OpenVMS, Unix, Linux, Tandem, Data General, HP-3000, and other enterprise platforms.

“When enterprises migrate to Linux, one of the challenges they face is the need to access legacy applications from Linux desktops. Now, with the Xandros Desktop OS PowerTerm Edition, an immediate and cost effective solution is available,” said Eran Heyman, Ericom founder and
CEO. “Together with Xandros, Ericom’s PowerTerm InterConnect for Linux provides enterprises with immediate connectivity to mission critical legacy applications residing on a wide range of hosts. Additionally, for
enterprises seeking a cost-effective solution, the Xandros Desktop OS PowerTerm Edition requires minimal installation, support and retraining.”

“With over seventy percent of enterprise data still residing on IBM mainframes and other legacy systems, the Xandros Desktop OS PowerTerm Edition is the right solution for Fortune 500 enterprises seeking to migrate their system access to the same low-cost, stable, virus-free
Linux environment that home users and small businesses enjoy” said Dr. Frederick H. Berenstein, Xandros Chairman and CTO. “Migrating to Linux is a no-brainer for all levels of computing now that we have PowerTerm InterConnect to fill the gap.”

Familiar look and feel
The familiar graphical environment of the Xandros Desktop OS PowerTerm Edition, with its clean, well-structured menus, invites users to get right to work in either mainframe applications or local desktop programs. Secure SSH and SSL access is provided to a wide range of legacy hosts supporting over 30 types of terminal emulation. The bundled StarOffice suite provides compatibility with Microsoft features and files, while the Xandros File Manager makes it easy to drag and drop files, manage folders and archives, access local partitions, share
network resources, set up printers, and perform numerous other tasks. For full product details please see here.

Volume Pricing and Discounts Available
The Xandros Desktop OS PowerTerm Edition can be ordered directly from Xandros at www.xandros.com/shopping at a recommended retail price of $149 per seat. For volume pricing as well as discounts for existing Xandros users, please contact Xandros sales.


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