Definition of Today’s Geek!

This document has been created for those who do not have a clear definition of “today’s geek”. So if you are a geek, or think you may be a geek, sit back, relax, grab your bottle of Bawls and your Tux pillow and join us on this ride. For everyone else, please pay attention so we can embrace the geek in you.Please set aside any and all existing notions and prejudices you may have about geeks. Put down your 1975 edition of Webster’s Dictionary. We are not “carnival performers whose shows consist of bizarre acts…” Although the term “geek” originated from 19th century circus acts, “today’s geek” is very different.

Webster’s also defines geeks as people who are single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but are felt to be socially inept.” Well, we’ve got news for Webster. We are not single-minded nor are we socially inept. We may be intensely focused and outrageously passionate about a single thing, like overclocking our pc’s, or getting the most frags, but certainly not single-minded! It may seem at times that we are “socially inept”, but in fact we are quite the opposite. We relate better through devices such as keyboards and gamepads, but this doesn’t make us socially inept. We have our own culture. We relate to each other at gaming clubs, raves, and trek extravaganzas. But just because we take pleasure in these activities it does not mean we exile ourselves from the rest of society. All social beings have an intensity and passion about something.

Some may say “geeky” activities are strange. Well according to the unofficial geek credo, “Originality and strangeness are good, blind conformity and stupidity are unforgivable.” While comfort can be tempting, be unique and gain comfort in your “strangeness.”

So, what is a geek? Perhaps a little strange, perhaps unique, and yes, very intense. Today’s geek is a person who is passionate and/or accomplished in his or her pursuits.

“We proliferate the world, connected by strands of telephone and network cable. We communicate wirelessly through cellular and satellite networks. We collect comics, sports cards, and figurines. We modify cars, build models and mix music. We are ravers, gamers, trekkies, programmers and techies. Do not fear us, but instead, embrace us. Listen to those who are passionate and accomplished in their pursuits no matter what they may be. Share your passions with them. There is a little geek in all of us. What are you geek for?”


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