The Great OSNews Members’ Book Giveaway 2005

I’ve got some great books that I’ll be giving away to OSNews members next week. Here’s how it will work: Two books will go to OSNews members picked at random, including people who sign up for new memberships this week. One book will go to a new member who signs up between now and next friday. And two books will go to regular OSNews readers, members or not, picked at random from people who post an insightful, non-troll, non-flame, comment on an OSNews story between now and next friday. Read more to see the books and learn more about signing up.The books we’ll be giving away are:

As an added incentive to participate in the OSNews process, any winner who chooses to write a publishable review of their book will receive a year’s membership to OSNews (or one year extension).

Not currently an OSNews member? Read all about OSNews membership. Remember, one of these books is reserved for a new or recently renewed member.

The small print:

The books will be distributed on a first-claimed basis. Winners will be notified by email and will have one week to reply. The first winners to reply will have first pick of the books. The last person to reply receives the last unclaimed book.

To win the non-member prizes, your comment must be accompanied by a valid email address (anti-spam protections are fine as long as they’re clear) or a link to a personal web site that contains clear contact information.

Prizes include shipping to North American addresses. Winners from countries outside North America may need to contribute the difference in shipping cost in order to receive their books.

Prizes are transferrable, so you may specify an alternate shipping address. Do you live in Tibet and don’t want to pay the extra $30 to have it shipped to you? Send it to a friend in Canada!


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