Last FOSDEM 2005 Interviews

FOSDEM 2005 will take place this Week-End in Brussels, Belgium.FOSDEM will feature a serie of talks and tutorials from authors and maintainers of several major Free Software projects. Several projects have also decided to hold a meeting during FOSDEM and will do several presentations in developers’ rooms.

Notice also that the Free Software Award ceremony will take place during the FOSDEM, as well as a key signing party.

Entrance and participation are free, but if you want FOSDEM to continue growing, don’t hesitate to make a donation.

Interview of Stuart Winter (Slackware)

Interview of Alan Cox (Kernel)

Interview of Ethan Galstad (Nagios Creator)

Interview of Marius Mauch (Gentoo)

Interview of Gerald Combs (Ethereal Creator)

Interview of Olle Mulmo (Globus Toolkit)

Interview of Jimmy Jimbo Wales (Wikipedia creator)

Don’t miss the other speakers like Matthias Ettrich (Creator of KDE), Harald Welte (Netfilter Core Team), Alexander Larsson (Nautilus Maintainer), Marty Roesch (Creator of the Snort IDS), Alan Robertson (Creator of the Linux High Availability Project), Olivier Fourdan (Creator of XFCE) and many more !


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