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Solaris 10 Review: Sun’s Linux Killer Shows Promise

If Sun gets very serious about Solaris 10 on x86 and the Open Solaris project that it hopes will nourish it, Linux vendors had better get very worried. That's because, in the many areas where Linux is miles ahead of Solaris, Sun stands a good chance of catching up quickly if it has the will, whereas in the many areas where Solaris is miles ahead, the Linux community will be hard pressed to narrow the gap.

Tips: Porting Applications From Windows and Unix to Linux

Security, cost-savings, performance and innovation are the primary reasons to move to Linux, says Novell Linux developer evangelist Darren R. Davis, stating what is to him the obvious. Rather than dillydallying with that question, he'd rather help IT shops and developers get moving to Linux. Davis explains how to port Unix and Windows applications to Linux and how to make those Linux apps support multiple distributions in this interview.

Tour the Successful Geronimo Deployment Architecture

Geronimo is one of the more complex projects undertaken by the open source community, comparable to Linux in its intricacy. One of Geronimo's principal goals is J2EE 1.4 certification - a time-consuming effort. Nevertheless, Geronimo has already issued several milestone releases and is moving steadily toward the magical 1.0 release. Peek behind the curtain and see how the Geronimo deployment model brings a number of different open source projects under one umbrella.