Episode 12: The Late Show with Thom and Kroc

As well as being late this week, it’s a 2 hour, late night edition of the show! Nothing in particular stood out last week, so we discussed the whole week’s news ending just before Apple’s big announcements (we will no doubt cover those on Sunday). It’s a wealth of topics, some big, some small, including: the BeOS stash (which has now gone for $2675!), Nvidia’s Tegra platform, Chrome sandboxing and Chrome in general and my complete fail reviewing Opera 10 Beta.

Here’s how the audio file breaks down:

0:00:30 Intro & reader e-mails
0:12:24 “.NET ClickOnce”
0:20:40 “PopCap”
0:26:51 “BeOS”
0:30:49 “Open Solaris”
0:40:36 “AMD / Intel”
0:41:48 “Nvidia Tegra”
0:51:43 “Sony Vegas”
0:52:51 “Chrome Sandboxing”
0:59:57 “E3”
1:11:14 “Syllable”
1:13:37 “Opera 10 Beta pt.1”
1:19:48 “Palm Pre”
1:22:15 “Return of the Kitchen Computer”
1:24:42 “UNIX @ 40”
1:28:09 “Opera 10 Beta pt.2”
1:40:27 “Apple Bans EFF App”
1:41:07 “Google Chrome”
1:46:13 “On This Date”
1:57:46 “ReactOS”
2:01:39 “Meta”
2:03:55 (Total Time)

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[podcast 12]

We genuinely hope that you enjoy this, and that we’ve managed to bring up original points in our discussion. Do follow up what you picked up on in your comments!

We are always open to your feedback. Please either leave your comments on the site, or send us an email to osnews-crew@osnews.com.


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