Episode 41: I Like Chaos

Is it that we desire what is sold to us, or is it that OEMs will sell whatever it is they want and we’ll buy it? Like it or not, we are being forced into a brave new world, which has no certainty that it will even last yet. I am of course talking about tablets. Come this holiday season (wait, isn’t the whole year just a long string of commercial holidays?), you won’t be able to browse an isle at a computer store without being assaulted by tablets. Big ones, small ones, Android ones, HP ones, RIM ones, Apple ones. Asides some discussion on GNOME3, we delve into this uncertain territory that has yet to play all its cards. Why is Google withholding the Honeycomb source, and what could be going on behind closed doors? What has Sony’s recent actions have to do with “ownership”, and what has this meant to GeoHot? Is RIM capable of delivering a product that will deliver their promises, and is Google between a rock and a hard place with Android and Chrome OS? Find it all, here, on the new* OSNews Podcast. (*not actually new)

Here’s how the audio file breaks down:

0:01:04 Intro
0:02:40 “GNOME3”
0:06:07 “Playbook”
0:25:27 “Sony”
0:40:52 “Android, Chrome”
1:03:49 Extro
1:05:27 (Total Time)

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The intro / intermission and outro music is a Commodore 64 remix “Turrican 2 – The Final Fight” by Daree Rock.

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We genuinely hope that you enjoy the show, and that we’ve managed to bring up original points in our discussion. Do follow up what you picked up on in your comments!

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