Episode 6: Better Late Than Never

More banal banter of the binary kind; Oracle buys Sun, Yahoo pulls the plug on Geocities, the Acer Revo nettop and much-offtopicness as we discuss the recently announced Windows 7 “Classic” XP mode.

Apologies up front of course for my innacuracies and poor quality audio. I have been rather unwell through the weekend and the show was recorded and edited late at night when I really needed to be in bed instead, to get up at 6am. Still, we suffer for your listening pleasure, readers!

Here’s how the sound file breaks down:

01:07“Oracle Buys Sun”
09:57“Yahoo Kills Geocities”
19:52“Acer Revo”
30:17“Windows 7 ‘Classic’ XP Mode”
47:56(Total Time)

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We genuinely hope that you enjoy this, and that we’ve managed to bring up original points in our discussion. Do follow up what you picked up on in your comments!

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