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Mozilla & Gecko clones

For a long time, it was just setting the default search provider to Google in exchange for a beefy stipend. Later, paid links in your new tab page were added. Then, a proprietary service, Pocket, was bundled into the browser - not as an addon, but a hardcoded feature. In the past few days, we’ve discovered an advertisement in the form of browser extension was sideloaded into user browsers. Whoever is leading these decisions at Mozilla needs to be stopped.

Mozilla garnered a lot of fully deserved goodwill with the most recent Firefox release, and here they are, jeopardising all that hard work. People expect this kind of nonsense from Google, Apple, or Microsoft - not Mozilla. Is it unfair to judge Mozilla much more harshly than those others? Perhaps, but that's a consequence of appealing to more demanding users when it comes to privacy and open source.

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RE: *Demanding Users
by CaptainN- on Mon 18th Dec 2017 17:40 UTC in reply to "*Demanding Users"
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I mean, they need a revenue stream. That's a reality that doesn't seem to come up enough in these conversations.

That doesn't make what they did not in contrast to their own mission statement, but I'd like to see some acknowledgment of that basic fact. Capitalism is all about profit - how does a well meaning non-profit compete in that kind of environment without a revenue stream?

BTW, everyone is always on a slippery slope. As Linus Torvolds says, security is always a matter of trust. Someone at Mozilla made a few (really, slightly) untrustworthy decisions. It could have been far worse.

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