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Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 Released

Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is the most recent version of the Internet Explorer 6 core technologies in most Windows OSes.Total download size for a typical installation is approximately 25 MB. However, because setup downloads only those files that are necessary for your computer, this size can vary between 11 and 75 MB. In the beset case, users who have already applied the WindowsXP SP1, might only need to download a few KBs.

IE on the Rise; Netscape’s Share Continues to Shrink

Netscape browsers have continued to lose market share at a steady clip, falling to a new low of 3.4 percent as of this week, according to new figures. A year ago, Netscape's market share stood at 13 percent, but fell steeply to 7 percent by March, as IE 6 gained popularity. IE has now reached 96 percent market penetration, according to StatMarket, up from 87 percent a year ago. Mozilla gained some market share when it finally reached a 1.0 release earlier this year, but browsers such as Mozilla and Opera still only accounted for less than 1 percent of the market, StatMarket said.

‘Serious Flaw’ Found in Internet Explorer

The IE problem has been around for at least five years and could allow an attacker to intercept credit card and/or personl data when a user is making a purchase. Konqueror also had the same problem, but Waldo Bastian fixed the problem 95 minutes after it was reported. You can get the fixed Konqueror version from the KDE CVS, or if you wait for KDE 3.03 next week. Read about the IE flaw at ZDNews.

Sites Genuflect to Browser King

Standards mean little to developers looking for the biggest audience online: Internet Explorer users.
Our Take: OSNews serves more pages to Internet Explorer users than to all the rest, however, being faithful to the multi-platform nature of OSNews, our site is hand-coded and compatible with all mainstream browsers. We include support for WAP and Unix text-mode browsers, AvantGO and other, older (and sometimes... obscure), browsers. More info, in our recent discussion here.

Microsoft Updates Internet Explorer for OS X, Classic

Microsoft posted updates the Internet Explorer for Mac. Two separate downloads are available from Microsoft's Web site, one for the Classic Mac OS and one specifically for Mac OS X. IE 5.2.1 provides all the latest security and performance enhancements for IE 5 for Mac OS X, according to information posted on Microsoft's Web site. IE 5.1.5 for Mac OS 8.1 to 9.x provides enhanced support for HTTP and resolves all security vulnerabilities in previous versions of IE 5.

Microsoft Releases IE 5.2 for Mac

"Microsoft on Moday released an updated version of its Internet Explorer Web browser software for the Macintosh. Version 5.2 of IE for the Mac is available for free from Microsoft's Mactopia Web site. New features include better handling of fonts through OS X 10.1.5's Quartz graphics engine." Read the report at ZDNews. Our Take:The (since forever) text input/form bugs, are still not fixed though...

Survey Shows IE 5/5.50/6 Dominating 97% of the Browser Market

From ZDNews: "Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 was the most popular browser on the Web last month, with a total global usage share of 44.7 percent, according to Net analysis company Microsoft IE 5.5 took the second spot with 26 percent of the global usage share, followed by IE 5.0 with 25 percent, AOL Time Warner's Netscape Navigator 4.x with 1.6 percent, Netscape Navigator 3.x with 0.5 percent and Opera 6.x with 0.4 percent. The numbers show that 'Microsoft dominates the browser market with a total global usage share of 97% on the Web,' said Niels Brinkman, one of the founders of" Let's wait and see if the release of Mozilla next month will at least overthrown Netscape 4.x which currently holds 1.6%. Konqueror and OmniWeb can only deliver better scores if their perspective operating systems they run on gain more popularity (Linux ~1%, MacOS <3%).