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Java at Center of Desktop Battle

The latest cell phones can show you the nearest bathrooms in San Francisco or which subway to take in London. They can also help with your diet by tracking calorie intake. Behind such programs and more is the very technology at the center of an intense battle between Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. over control of desktop computers. Though Sun has mostly lost that fight, the beleaguered Silicon Valley icon is trying to give new life to its Java programming language with an aggressive push into mobile devices. Once again, it finds a foe in Microsoft. But this time Sun has the lead.

Better Java Garbage Collection with IBM’s JDK 1.4.0; More Java News

This article discusses incremental compaction, a new feature in the memory management component of IBM JDK 1.4.0. Incremental compaction is a way of spreading compaction work across different garbage collection cycles, thereby reducing pause times. Elsewhere, industry leaders discuss Java status Quo. Also, Eclipse SDK 2.1 leverages Java’s strengths, but beware of too much expansion, InfoWorld says.

Eclipse does ActiveX Controls with Java SWT

With the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), you can develop a stand-alone Java application that feels and operates like a native application. If you've spent any time developing Java client-side applications for Windows, you've probably wanted to integrate some native Windows components into your applications. This article shows you how to use Eclipse to easily leverage and integrate ActiveX controls within a stand-alone SWT application.

Sun to Add Scripting on Java; McNealy: Java’s Got a Hold on Microsoft

Sun Microsystems is working with numerous industry partners to support the use of scripting languages in its Java platform. Sun and Zend are leading the effort, which will create a way for developers to write Java applications using popular scripting languages like PHP, ECMAscript, and ASP. According to O'Reilly, Sun could boost its number of Java developers by another 3 million in this way. Elsewhere, Sun's CEO Scott McNealy defended the business merits of his company's Java effort, saying that, despite disappointing sales of Sun's own Java software, the effort has helped keep Microsoft at bay.

Sun Unveils Java Roadmap Through “Mustang”

Executives at Sun Microsystems on Tuesday offered a glimpse of its Java roadmap through 2006, when its "Mustang" revision is scheduled to debut. eWEEK has a Java special too. Elsewhere, Hewlett-Packard and Dell Computer will be shipping the latest version of Java with their PCs and laptops running Windows and Linux, said Rich Green, vice president of developer platforms at Sun Microsystems. Also, there will be no macros for the Java language, it seems.

IntelliJ IDEA 3.0.4 for Java Released

IntelliJ IDEA is a Java IDE packed with leading-edge development features which include: industry setting refactoring support, intelligent code editing assistance, a wide range of J2EE development features for rapid web-application and other enterprise development, a powerful Code Inspection tool, integrated CVS, VSS and StarTeam support, an Open API for third-party plug-in support, and a mountain of other productivity features that make Java development a pleasure. Version 3.0.4 was released recently for Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris/Unix and Linux.