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Reduce Code Noise with Groovy

"Groovy's concise syntax frees developers from typical Java constructs that are required for code compilation but don't facilitate expressing what a program is really trying to accomplish. In this revival of the Practically Groovy series, Groovy developer and guest columnist J. Scott Hickey walks you through a series of comparisons between normal Java code and the same Groovy code to show you how this exciting language frees you to focus on the important aspects of coding."

Inside the New Apache Geronimo Version 1.1

"This article gives you an overview of the architectural changes introduced in the latest Geronimo release, focusing on the new and innovative plug-in architecture. You'll also examine enhancements to the Web Console, including the memory utilization graph, thread pool statistics, the Java Message Service (JMS) resource wizard, and keystores. Finally, you'll explore changes to the Eclipse plug-in and get a look at Little-G."

Speech-Enable Your Java Software

Speech-enabling your software is easy, says Stephen Morris. If speech is added in a sympathetic fashion, it can raise the standard of your user interface in subtle but powerful ways. This approach potentially opens up new markets to your software products; for example, reaching visually impaired users. Developments in web standards are also dictating that speech-enabled software is essentially a commodity item. Read on to find out more.

Java Theory and Practice: Testing with Leverage

In this final installment on testing of the three part series, Brian Goetz examines another technique for smoking out bugs that violate design rules: aspects. The first two installments in this series, Part 1 covering testing in integrated frameworks and Part 2 on testing with leverage, show how static analysis tools like Find Bugs can provide greater leverage in managing software quality by focusing on entire categories of bugs rather than on specific bug instances.

The Java XML Validation API

Validation reports whether a document adheres to the rules specified by the schema. Different parsers and tools support different schema languages such as DTDs, the W3C XML Schema Language, RELAX NG, and Schematron. This is a good guide to learn about this XML validation API and how Java 5 adds a uniform validation Application Programming Interface (API) that can compare documents to schemas written in these and other languages.

Sun to Open-Source Java ME

Sun Microsystems plans to open-source its implementation of the Java ME specification and is shooting to have that done by the end of this year, Sun executives said Aug. 14. This is the first time Sun has said publicly that Java ME (Java Platform, Micro Edition) is part of its plan for open-sourcing Java.

GNU Classpath 0.92 Released

This is the first release that has a full graphics 2D implemenation based on Cairo enabled by default. This enables the use of applications like JEdit, FlickrBackup and JFreeChart out of the box. See Screenshots of CairoGraphics2D in action. Also new in this release is the inclusion of an applet viewer and plugin that can be embedded in webbrowsers or other applications. It works on any platform supported by the various runtimes based on GNU Classpath, including 64 bit architectures. Lots more improvements, like better gnome integration, are mentioned in the release announcement.

Web Development Strategies in Dynamically Typed Languages

"The Java community has used JavaServer Pages technology through most of the last decade, but signs of rust are starting to show. Longstanding conventions inhibit Java programmers from using Java code within Web pages now, and extending even simple components is a chore. Frameworks that take Java Web development beyond JSP programming have emerged, but they fall short of dynamic languages' capabilities. This article shows you Ruby's Web page development strategy and touches on Seaside's radical approach."

Java Static Analysis and Custom Bug Detectors

Jave static analysis and custom bug detectors can be a very cost-effective way to improve software quality. By creating a detector for a known bug pattern, we can search for that bug pattern not only in the current code base for a specific project, but in any project, current or future. This article looks at how static analysis tools can change the way you manage software quality.

Sun Denies Open Source Java Imminent

Sun was quick to deny published reports today that it plans to open source Java in the next few months. The company is working on the project, but any transition to open source is closer to a year away. Simon Phipps, chief open-source officer for Sun, made a comment he said was misconstrued at the Open Source Business Conference in London earlier this week concerning Sun's efforts to release Java as an entirely open source project.

Sun Says Open-Source Java Possible in ‘Months’

A Sun Microsystems Inc. executive said Tuesday said the company is "months" away from releasing its trademark Java programming language under an open-source license. Simon Phipps, chief open-source officer for Sun, said the company is ruminating over two major issues: how to keep Java compatible and ensure no particular company uses market forces as muscle for its own implementation, a move that would threaten Java's "write once, run anywhere" mantra.