OS/2 Archive

OS/2 to Linux: Memory management, IPC, and file handling

Linux is evolving as the predominant operating system of the new millennium, and legacy operating systems such as OS/2 are being gradually phased out. This series of articles helps the developers involved in the tedious process of migrating/porting the OS/2 system drivers and applications to Linux. In this second of three installments, the authors focus on managing pipes, memory, and files.

InnoTek GCC for OS/2 Beta 4 Released

InnoTek GCC for OS/2 is a commercial distribution of the GNU C/C++ compiler suite and associated utilities for the IBM OS/2 platform. InnoTek maintains an OS/2 platform port of the GNU C/C++ compiler suite and provides comprehensive support for the compiler environment to enterprise customers. Read more at eComStation's web site.

From OS/2 to Linux, Part 1; Threads, Mutexes, and Semaphores

This series of three articles helps the developers involved in the tedious process of migrating/porting the OS/2 system drivers and applications to Linux. It provides a one-to-one mapping of various OS/2-to-Linux calls related to threads, IPC, memory management, timer handling, file handling, and so on. In addition, it captures the various preprocessor directives and compiler/linker options that can be mapped from OS/2 to Linux.

New Virtual Machine Application Launched

OS2 World.Com reports about Serenity Systems International (SSI)and its new virtual machine product family, Serenity Virtual Station(tm) (SVISTA). The SVISTA(tm) products will provide the broadest support for operating systems in the industry. "Our support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and IBM OS/2 as hosting platforms demonstrates that accomplishing this objective is in sight," according to Bob St.John, Director of Business Development for SSI. He continued, "We expect to conclude our Early Support Program and release the retail product in early 2Q04. We are prepared to support the product in service engagements right now."

SciTech SNAP Graphics for OS/2 v2.2.4 and OpenWatcom Released

OS/2-BBS reports that "SciTech SNAP Graphics for OS/2 version 2.2.4 has been released (11/6/2003). This is a replacement product for SciTech Display Doctor, which has some new features, like zooming and multihead. There is a changelog, as well as a list of chipsets supporting the various features. There is a user mailing list, a trouble ticket HelpDesk for registered users, and an official newsgroup." Elsewhere, SciTechSoft also released the 1.2 beta of the OpenWatcom dev suite.

OS/2 Server Transition from IBM

OS/2 Servers have been a stable and powerful platform more many years and are depended upon by many businesses. This is especially true in the banking industry where OS/2 Servers are trusted to run the software that supports the branch office environment. However, as the industry looks to renew its branch office operations, many banks are looking to make a transition from there OS/2 Servers to a platform with wider industry support.

Updated Java 1.3.1, SNAP Ethernet Gigabit Drivers for eCS, OS/2

IBM updated the Java Development Kit (javaintk) and the Run Time (javainrt) files which are distributed through Software Choice for OS2. These files are now available on the eComStation site. Two drivers were also updated, the SciTech SNAP SE 2.1.5, to include support for ATI Radeon 9000 Pro and the NVidia GeForce4 MX440 8X, and the OS/2 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Adapter Driver, which provides support for select Intel PRO/1000 Fiber Ethernet controllers (82542 / 82543GC / 82544EI). Additionally, Serenity Systems announced the release of the eComStation 1.1 German Beta CD1. It is accesible for those who are registered Upgrade Protection customers.

eComStation 1.1 Released

Serenity Systems announces the release of eComStation 1.1 products. The new product branding includes the separation of OS platform component from some of the applications which had been included in eComStation 1.0. Users may now select from eComStation Entry, the OS platform component, and the eComStation Application Pack. The multiprocessor support is available as an optional feature as well, and a server edition based on Warp Server for e-business is also available. Read the full announcement as a PDF here. Our review of eCS 1.1 can be found here.