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PC-BSD: ‘the Most Beginner Friendly OS’

OSWeekly reviews PC-BSD, and concludes: "From PC-BSD's roadmap to their default installation, I honestly feel good about where these guys are headed with their take on FreeBSD. This operating system has it all: support both from the professional level as well as that of the community, the ability to install Linux software, thanks to the binary compatibility layer, and of course - speed."

PC-BSD 1.2 Released

PC-BSD 1.2 has been released. "PC-BSD software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD 1.2 for x86 based processors. PC-BSD 1.2 now utilizes the FreeBSD advanced ULE scheduler and is compiled with optimizations for 686 processors (all support for 386, 486 and 586 microcode is disabled in kernel). This release of PC-BSD ushers in a new era of stability and simplicity for desktop operating systems based on UNIX, making it a solid release for home and business usage."

PC-BSD 1.0 Review

"PC-BSD aims to be an easy to use desktop operating system, based on FreeBSD. As many Linux users, I have little or no knowledge about FreeBSD. I heard many rumors about it. I read about it and about its history. I even tried it a little while ago and, although I appreciated some aspects of it, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't ready for the desktop. So when I read the announcement of PC-BSD being released, I decided to have a look at it." Read the review at LinuxForums.

Using PC-BSD

For those who want an easy-to-configure and easy-to-install FreeBSD desktop system, Dru Lavigne demonstrates the features of PC-BSD and DesktopBSD. This first article is about PC-BSD. "If you haven't had a chance to try out PC-BSD, take some time to install and poke about this user-friendly operating system. If you're looking for a free and stable operating system for friends or family, burn them an ISO and have them give it a test drive."

PC-BSD 1.0 Released

After months and months of work, the PC-BSD team released v1.0 final. "PC-BSD software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD 1.0 for x86 based processors. This first 'non-beta' release of PC-BSD ushers in a new era of stability and simplicity for desktop operating systems based on UNIX. Powered by the latest FreeBSD 6.0 and integrated with KDE 3.5.2, PC-BSD provides a solid server base, while being user-friendly enough to run as a primary desktop system." Changelog, release notes, and download, of course.

Review: PC-BSD Brings BSD to the Desktop

"After using PC-BSD several days, I was impressed with how easy it is to use. It's a good desktop OS, and a great way to introduce BSD to new users. The 1.0 release has a few rough edges, but nothing that should scare off prospective users. For the future, I'd like to see something like Synaptic to manage PBI packages and allow users to browse for software without having to visit the PC-BSD Web site, and it would be nice if the site had a little more documentation, but I expect such things will come along in due time as the project matures."

Review: PC-BSD

LinuxHelp reviews PC-BSD, the (100% compatible) variant of FreeBSD aimed at the desktop, and concludes: "All in all, PC-BSD is an OS which has a bright future in the desktop market provided the developers provide more variety of software or at least equivalent to those found in the FreeBSD ports." Screenshots included to keep our younger readers happy.

PC-BSD 1.0RC2 Released

The second release candidate of PC-BSD 1.0 has been released. From the announcement: "The latest cut of PC-BSD, version 1.0RC2 is now available! This update adds KDE 3.5 support, as well as some additional features/bugfixes. ISO's may now be downloaded from our main download page. Users currently running under PC-BSD 1.0RC1 can also download a self-installing system update, which upgrades the system to 1.0RC2. This file is available on our Updates page, as Patch #6."

Building Binary Packages for PC-BSD; MS Office on FreeBSD

"PBIs have the advantage of being entirely self-contained. That means casual users won't inadvertently overwrite existing libraries or files by installing and uninstalling applications. This article shows how to create your own PBI, using Digikam as an example of a rather complex package with many library dependencies. While most PBIs will be easier to generate, I want to demonstrate most of the gotchas you may run across when generating your own PBIs." In addition, here is an article explaining how to get MS Office running via WINE on FreeBSD.

PC-BSD 1.0RC1 Released

The first release candidate for PC-BSD has been released. It is based on FreeBSD 6.0, includes an improved installer and new Network Manager. This release also sees the upgrade of KDE to 3.4.3, and Linux-compatibility layer is installed by default allowing Linux PBI's to be run without having to install the compatibility layer first. Read the changelog here and the release notes here, then go here to download. Update by AS: Screenshots courtesy OSDir.

PC-BSD 0.8.3 Released

"PC-BSD 0.8.3 was released today. This version offers some new visuals, new languages, as well as important bugfixes with systems that have had trouble booting after the install. The complete changelog is available here. Users running 0.8.2 may update to this version using the Online Update utility within the PC-BSD Config menu." Download here, release notes here.

PC-BSD 0.8.2 Released

"Version 0.8.2 is now available, with some important bugfixes and changes. This update adds SMP support to the system, for our multi-processor friends, as well as fixing an issue with "mountroot", after performing an installation. Please see the changelog for a full description of the changes. People running 0.8.1 need not download the full ISO again, since the update to 0.8.2 is available as on Online Update, through the PC-BSD update manager." Read the release notes, and download here.

PC-BSD 0.8.1 Released

An updated release of PC-BSD is out. From the changelog: "PC-BSD 0.8.1. Fixes many issues with boot-up after installation; fixed problems with Online Update Manager; updated UserManager; added Russian and Bulgarian support; activates hard disk swap space during installation for lower memory systems; slimmed down KDE 3.4.2 by removing games/graphics/PIM ports, which can be optionally installed via PBI." See also the release notes for further information. Download from here.

PC-BSD 0.8 Beta Released

"PC-BSD version 0.8 is now available! A lot of effort went into improving this version, and many thanks is due to all the people who have tested and provided valuable feedback on our support forum. This version now adds the Online Update Manager, along with many other fixes and enhancements. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the changelog." Release notes are here, download locations here. The various documents disagree with one another on whether or not this is the final or beta release.