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How to Monitor a System with Sysstat on CentOS 4.3

"A common task for System Administrators is to monitor and care for a server. That's fairly easy to do at a moment's notice, but how to keep a record of this information over time? One way to monitor your server is to use the Sysstat package. Sysstat is actually a collection of utilities designed to collect information about the performance of a linux installation, and record them over time. It's fairly easy to install too, since it is included as a package on many distributions."

Red Hat Mends Relationship with XenSource

After stating that Xen was not yet enterprise ready, Red Hat today tried to mend the relationship between the two companies. El Reg noted that any reference to "XenSource" had been changed into "Xen" in the article, the name of the open source project at the heart of XenSource's efforts. Red Hat also issued a statement concerning the issue: "Red Hat is firmly committed to open source virtualization, based on the open source Xen project. Red Hat is investing agressively in the Xen project and in ensuring its readiness for the enterprise."

Red Hat: Xen Not Ready for Prime-Time

A senior Red Hat executive today maintained the Xen open source virtualisation environment was not yet ready for enterprise use, despite "unbelievable" customer demand and the fact rival Novell has already started shipping the software. While rival Novell this month started shipping the software with version 10 of its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment, Red Hat continues to have a lack of confidence in the virtualisation newcomer.

Red Hat Partners Report More Customers Dropping Windows

Red Hat will announce its latest quarterly earnings today, and if the outlook of its partners provides any clue the report should be good for shareholders – as well as in future quarters. Especially interesting in a Wall Street analyst's recent report is a finding that 45% of Red Hat’s partners are seeing customers migrating from Windows to Red Hat. That trend could be a tremendous growth indicator for the Hatters since Microsoft dominates world markets and much of Red Hat's growth in the past has come at the expense of Unix or other Linux providers.

Red Hat Turns Over Testing Tools to Fedora – for Now

The Dogtail and Autobuild automated certification and testing tools will be offered to customers as part of Fedora initially, but could become a commercial value-added service in the future, Red Hat's CEO said at a conference this week. Red Hat is on track to ship its Enterprise Linux 5 by the end of the year but certification, testing and standardizing the testing process have become more important to customers than the operating system, its CEO said.

Red Hat: Microsoft Still ‘Aggressive As Hell’

Three or four years ago, open-source providers enjoyed plenty of attention. But now some of the disruptive energy seems to have dropped away, as attention turns increasingly to the collaborative potential of the Web. Google and the buzzword du jour, Web 2.0, are capturing the attention once enjoyed by the struggle between Linux, Windows and Unix. ZDNet UK sat down with Red Hat chief executive Matthew Szulik at the company's user summit in Nashville for a brief discussion on how he intends to keep his company on the cutting edge and battle the biggest threats to its future success.

Building a Low-Cost LAMP Server with CentOS 4.3

"This is a detailed description how to set up a CentOS 4.3 based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters (web server (SSL-capable), mail server (with SMTP-AUTH and TLS!), DNS server, FTP server, MySQL server, POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc.). This tutorial is written for the 64-bit version of CentOS 4.3, but should apply to the 32-bit version with very little modifications as well."