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Red Hat, Motorola Reach Agreement

From the press release: "Red Hat, Inc., the world's premier open source and Linux provider, today announced a strategic agreement with Motorola, Inc. to develop a GNUPro Linux toolchain and cross compiler for Motorola's Altivec-enabled host processors based on the PowerPC instruction set architecture. As the leader in GNUPro tool development, Red Hat will provide a complete toolchain for the PowerPC instruction set architecture with full support for Motorola's AltiVec technology."

Red Hat Linux on Hewlett-Packard Computers

Hewlett-Packard has begun selling new Intel-based workstations with Linux, the company said. The x1100, an Intel-based machine first introduced with Windows in January, is available with Red Hat Linux version 7.1, HP said Thursday. HP had Linux versions of the two systems' predecessors, the x1000 and x2000, which have a slower memory subsystem than the new models.

Red Hat Chairman Says Linux Won’t Rule the Desktop

"Red Hat chairman Bob Young says Windows will continue to rule the desktop, but open source will win the day on the Internet. Red Hat said at last month's earnings announcement that it would be emphasizing its focus on two key areas: replacing legacy Unix systems, and expanding its presence in the embedded market. That strategy is paying off so far: despite the continued world economic slump, Red Hat showed a slight profit for the third quarter of its 2001 financial year. In a conversation with ZDNet UK, Red Hat Chairman Bob Young explains why converting UNIX customers is easy; why open source will win the day on the Internet; and why Linux will never replace Windows on the desktop." Read the interview at ZDNews.

Red Hat’s New Linux Packs a Bigger Punch

"Red Hat, the top seller of the Linux operating system, will begin offering a higher-end and more specialized version of Linux later this year that won't be as easy to find as the current all-purpose package. Red Hat will demonstrate its coming Advanced Server product this week at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in New York and plans to begin selling it mid-spring, said Paul Cormier, executive vice president of engineering at the Durham, N.C., company." Read the rest of the report at ZDNews.

AOL-Time Warner in Negotiations to Buy Red Hat

"Media and Internet titan AOL-Time Warner is in negotiations to acquire Linux distributor Red Hat, the Washington Post reported Saturday, citing unidentified sources familiar with the matter. The talks were fluid and it was unclear how much AOL, which runs the biggest U.S. Internet service provider and the second-largest U.S. cable television system, would pay for Red Hat, the newspaper said. Red Hat is the leading distributor of Linux, which unlike software such as rival Microsoft's Windows operating system, is an "open source" platform that anyone can change to suit their needs." Read the rest of the story at C|Net News.

Red Hat Announces Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Intel Itanium

Red Hat, Inc. announced today the availability of Red Hat Linux 7.2 for the Intel Itanium 64-bit CPU. The release features the Red Hat Linux 7.2 operating system with the 2.4 kernel and ext3 journaling file system. This configuration supports the very large address space of Itanium-based systems and scales efficiently to eight or more Itanium processors running as a single system image. A more complete set of configuration tools and security enhancements are also available in this new release.

Red Hat to Deliver Linux for IBM’s S/390 Mainframe

Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Linux for S/390, the latest version of its operating system for the enterprise IBM mainframe. This new version enables Red Hat to fulfill its commitment to extend the scalability of its Linux operating system to run on the smallest of handheld devices to the largest of enterprise mainframes. Previously, Red Hat had announced its delivery of open source software solutions, services and support for IBM's entire eServer product line. In the meantime, in an effort to increase the number of programs available for its relatively unknown iSeries line of special-purpose servers, IBM is courting Linux programmers by letting them tap into an iSeries server over the Internet.

Red Hat Ends the Sale of Cheap Red Hat CDs

Many computer users who want to try out Linux or Linux users who only access the Internet via dial-up, resort on buying cheap, Linux or FreeBSD, CDs from CheapBytes, UnixCD, Walnut Creek etc. Most of these cheap CDs are based on well known Linux distributions. This business is extremely common and perfectly legal so far, as it is going on since 1994 without any problems. You could buy, let's say, the latest version of Red Hat Linux for less than $5. But Red Hat now puts an end in these deals regarding their software.

Red Hat Chases Mainframe Linux Leaders

"Red Hat will release its version of Linux for IBM mainframes in the next 30 days, catching the company up to rivals who already have staked their claim in the niche market segment. The Durham, N.C., company's mainframe version of Linux will be sold along with services through the Red Hat Network, Chief Executive Matthew Szulik said in an interview Friday. The product would catch Red Hat up with SuSE and Turbolinux, both of which already have a version for sale." Read the rest of the brief article at ZDNews.

Red Hat Unveils Embedded Software

Red Hat, Inc. announced today a programming toolkit for creating software for "embedded" computing devices such as set-top boxes, handheld computers or network routers. The Embedded Linux Developer Suite comes with version 2.4 of the Linux kernel, RedBoot loading software to start up the device, configuration tools for different software modules, and options and support for MIPS, SuperH, Intel-compatible, PowerPC, ARM, StrongARM and XScale chips. Pricing will be announced in October, when the software goes on sale, Red Hat said.