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What Is the X Window System

The X Window System (commonly referred to as X or X11) is a network-transparent graphical windowing system based on a client/server model. Primarily used on Unix and Unix-like systems such as Linux, versions of X are also available for many other operating systems. Although it was developed in 1984, X is not only still viable but also is in fact the standard environment for Unix windowing systems. This article thoroughly discusses X.

Stopping Work on EGL and Xgl

"After discussing this with several people I have decided to stop working on EGL and Xgl. The recent work on EXA is going to have the side effect of pushing out any hope for an Xgl release by a year or more. By extending the 2D drivers to accelerate composite end user demand for Xgl will also be reduced. I can not justify devoting further time to this project without reasonable hope of it reaching completion."

Xorg 6.9 and 7.0 Release Candidate Zero

Adam Jackson has announced the availability of "the zeroth release candidate(s) of the next Xorg release(s)." The changelog is here. Before downloading, be warned, in the developers' words: "The RC number is not accidental. This is unpolished and rough, and is only just at the point where we can usefully have large numbers of people testing it and fixing things."

Speeding up Xorg’s RENDER

Some Trolltech programmers are doing some optimization work in the x.org RENDER extension. RENDER has been used with COMPOSITE to make "transparency" and "shadow" effects, and its slowness has stopped it from being widely adopted. Hopefully, this optimization work will make things better, although it's not clear in the email if this addresses the "XAA sucks, someone needs to take KAA to x.org" problem which is often said to be the real problem of render slowness. RENDER is also often used to do more things, like AA fonts, so this will be good for X desktop in general.

XFree86 4.5.0 Released

The XFree86 4.5.0 windowing system has been released. Says the website, "It is on our website and ready to download. 4.5.0 was born yesterday and the delivery I hear wa smooth. Get a copy now. It's just terrific....details to follow."

Run a Windows X Server From a CD

XLiveCD is an X Server that runs off of a Live CD for Windows. Put the CD in the drive and the X server and an Xterm both autostart, allowing you to ssh into a machine and run X-forwarded applications. This is great for use in public labs where you may want to run those remote Linux apps and don't have an X server installed. Built with Cygwin and a few other packages. See the home page for downloads, or just grab the torrent here.