posted by Eugenia Loli on Fri 12th Jul 2002 23:51 UTC
IconReportedly, Kurt Skauen hasn't work on AtheOS for the last 9 months, as he currently taking some long vacations away from his pet project. All this time, a lot of dissapointments have been expressed in the (dying) mailing list about the future of AtheOS, already a (semi-)fork has occured with Cosmoe, but still no word from Kurt if or when he will start working on AtheOS again. Update: It seems that a complete fork has already happen, created by some of the main third party AtheOS developers.

Some of the main third party developers of AtheOS, are working on visual IDEs, a new Desktop, a Launcher application for the desktop, drivers and someone started looking at some low level OS developement of AtheOS, hoping to continue development of this young multi-threaded modern OS.

We hope that everything will change soon and either Kurt will come back to the project or the third party developers will take the project on their own hands completely and push it further.

We tried to reach Kurt several times the last few months about the issue, without much success (via email and IM) as he did not elaborate on the specific question of AtheOS' future.

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