posted by Eugenia Loli on Mon 7th Aug 2006 20:42 UTC
IconJobs introduced today Mac OS X Leopard, built-to-order Xeon-based Mac Pros and XServes. We attended the keynote and we just posted some pictures below. We loved these new Mac beasts, plus Time Machine looked really cool. The rest of the OSX features were mostly evolutionary.

A couple of negative surprises: Apple made fun of Vista copying OSX, although they represented Spaces (aka Virtual Desktops) as "new" and "this is big". Additionally, Apple now gives SPEC results for their PPC machines to compare to their new Intel ones, while in their PPC-only past they would avoid doing so. Finally, we expected a quick presentation for Mac OS X Server's new features, but only the press release included such info. Given the fact that the "oh, one more thing" feature was missing, presenting OSX Server could have been a big plus.

Special thanks to our photographer, Vincent Queru, for the pictures.

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