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"10 of the best Amiga PD Scene games"
The following software titles are some of my favorite freely distributable PD Scene (Freeware, Shareware, etc) games. These are all full games without any limitation. The bedroom programmer Scene flourished on the Amiga; many innovative game concepts originated from these Amiga game developrs. For instance a multi-platform hit title like Worms originated from one bedroom Amiga games developer. The WinUAE screenshots taken from most of these games were taken while running in a doubled line mode. Therefore, on a real Amiga the graphics will look less blocky.

BattleDuel-Click for a larger version A freeware Tank/Artillery clone. You and your team member must try to destroy the enemy artilleries with well calculated canon shots. You can either configure the game to use a window on your Workbench or open a seperate screen for fullscreen game display. You can download the game from Aminet here. If the game asks for certain fonts then you can find them on your AmigaOS 3.0 or 3.1 fonts disk. Another excellent Tank clone with lots of different weaponry is Scorched Tanks. Screenshot.

Deluxe Galaga (AGA)
You control a space-craft, and your mission is to protect earth from alien invaders. Nice touches to the game are various sub-games, many upgrade options for your fighter, a two player mode and many hidden bonuses. You can download the full game from Aminet here. If your machine is too slow to handle AGA games properly under emulation, then there's also an ECS version available. Under the "Chipset" tab under the "Collision level" group, select "full". Also you need to have the AGA chipset selected and need to change the Amiga screen resolution to 800x600 under the "Display" tab before booting into AmigaOS. Within the game press the "E" key for sound effects. Screenshot.

Deluxe Pacman (AGA)
IMO one of the best, if not the best 2D pacman clone for any platform. The game offers lots of extra bonuses, levels and weapons and is addictive for any age. You can download the full game from Aminet here. Set the display options to 800x600 for seeing the entire game area. As there aren't lots of fancy things going on on the screen, even low-end PCs will be able to emulate this AGA title without slowdowns (but there is an ECS version available as well). Screenshot.

dynAMIte (AGA)
A very addictive online multi-player Dynablaster/Bomberman clone. You need to be connected to the Internet to be able to start this game. Don't be frightened when the game offers you the option to format your C: partition. The game detects that you are running a version of UAE and the programmers thought it would be funny to kid around with UAE users. Just hit the format button to continue. For more information turn to the dynAMIte homepage. Screenshot.

Megaball (AGA enhanced)
A good Arkanoid clone with lots of levels and different bonuses. On Amigas, these type of games are normally played with the use of a mouse, but if you want, you can also use the keyboard or a joystick. You can get this game here from Aminet. Screenshot.

Monsters of Terror (AGA)
A professionally implemented arcade action game by Starfox. With up to four simultaneous players, you try to kill all the nasty creatures in these small labyrinths. Great sounds, nice graphics and amazingly addictive gameplay makes this game one of the shining examples of high quality PD Scene software by "bedroom game developers". You can download the game from Starfox' website. Be sure to check out his other games too. If you are a Loderunner fan, be sure to check out his excellent clone called Minerunner. Screenshot.

Roketz (AGA)
Two player thrust clone with excellent raytraced graphics. You control a small spaceship and try to kill your opponent with loads of different weaponries or compete against each other in races. You can download this game here from Aminet. Screenshot.

The best Tron clone I have seen for any platform, with up to 6 simultaniously playing human opponents (up to 10 with computer opponents included). Lots of additional bonuses, obstacles and different weapons to choose from. Download the full game from Paul Burkey's Sneech homepage. Screenshot.

One of the best multiplayer tetris clones around, with up to 3 simultanious players. You can download this addictive game here from Aminet. Screenshot.

A good asteroids clone with simple vector drawn graphics. The game offers fully scalable graphics and good sounds. You can download this game here from Aminet. Screenshot.

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